Specialty Contact Lenses

Irregular Cornea Management

(keratoconus, post-Lasik, post-trauma and post-graft)

For cases with irregular cornea, such as keratoconus, post-Lasik, post-graft, light cannot be focused sharply on retina because of unstable optical power. By the use of regular smooth optical surface of specialty contact lenses, light can be focused sharply on retina again.

Specialty contact lenses are widely used as non-surgical management for irregular cornea rehabilitation worldwide. The goal of wearing this type of contact lens is to create a smooth optical surface over the diseased cornea to improve vision. In our centre, we fit different types of contact lenses to improve vision of individuals with irregular cornea, such as conventional soft lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, hybrid lenses and scleral lenses. The choice of specialty contact lenses will be advised by our experienced optometrists and based on the severity of the corneal surface irregularity.


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