Vision and Eye Care


  • Spectacles frames
  • Sunglasses
  • Contact Lenses eg. Keratoconus, Orthokeratology, Soft lenses,
    Semi-hard lenses and Therapeutic Contact lenses.
  • Solution for contact lenses and spectacles
  • Specialty multifocal lenses to play golf

Premium / Branded Products

  • Oakley
    CMM is one of the few ” Premium Dealers” in Malaysia. It is one of the trendiest and fashion sports sunglasses in the world. Oakley is well sought after by the locals and foreigners including tourists.
  • Rudy Project, Revo, Rayban, Silhouette, Daniel Swarovski, Savile Row, Gucci, Prada, MCM, Victor & Rolf, For Art Sake, Bape, Vedi Vero, Bolon, Molsion, etc
  • 999.9
    999.9 (Four Nines) is a brand established in September 1995, as a pure domestic eyeglasses frame brand. Since eyeglasses are items placed on our faces; a delicate part of our body, our eyeglasses frames are designed under consideration of Asian’ facial characteristics.
  • Ic! berlin
    Each pair of ic! berlin glasses really are produced in berlin, Germany. Our frames are luxury products, hand-finished, piece by piece. This eliminates unnecessary gaps between design, production, and distribution.
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